The New Ace Alloy Flow Form Series


There’s no doubt the new Flow Form technology is changing the wheel industry.  It’s allowing wheel company to manufacturer stronger, lighter wheels, while maintaining reasonable prices.  Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to throw a set of $3,000 WORK Wheels on their car.


Ace Alloy has unveiled their new Flow Form series with 2 new styles, the AFF01 & AFF02.  The AFF01 is a thin, split 5-Spoke design with big windows.  The big, open windows are perfect for those looking to show of their big brake kit.


The AFF02 is my favorite of the new Flow Form line.  The 10-Spoke design keeps things simple and clean.  There is a slight concave to the face, which is all the craze right now.  The AFF02 also features large windows to show off any fancy brake parts.

Both of these wheels are available in range of width from 8.5″ to 12″ and the wheel diameter of 19″ and 20″.  Overall, we’re very impressed at the new Flow Form Series from Ace Alloy.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more styles to expand this wheel line.


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