Shedding Weight On The S2000


We all know the importance of Honda’s power to weight ratio.  Compared to most of the cars on the market, Honda is not known to produce high horsepower numbers.  However, their ability to keep their cars light and nimble allows them to maintain competitiveness in the industry.


Tomei has developed an exhaust to give the Honda S2000 even more of an edge.  The new Tomei Expreme Ti Catback Exhaust weighs an incredible 9.15 lbs!  That is over 42 lbs of weight savings in just the catback exhaust.  Combine the exhaust with Tomei’s Titanium Test Pipe to save 52 lbs total.


The large diameter piping and the more straight through design allows the exhaust to flow better.  This will yield more horsepower, especially at higher RPMs where the S2000 shines the most.  Overall, this is the perfect exhaust for someone who wants to reach the full potential of their S2000.



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