Too Kuhl For School


The main mission during our trip to Japan was to make connections with some product manufacturers overseas.  There was no better place to accomplish this than at Tokyo Auto Salon.  The halls of the Makuhari Messe were filled with hundreds of different product manufacturers and tuners.  One booth in particular caught our attention, Kuhl Racing and Verz Wheels.


Kuhl Racing is responsible for producing some of the most detailed and premium quality body parts for GT-R, GT86 (BRZ/FRS), Prius, and more.  The fit and finish are top-notch and the style is truly unique, which is why Kuhl Racing has been awarded Overall Custom Car for the past 3 years at Tokyo Auto Salon.


Their body kits feature large open vents and sharp lines to maintain a racecar look, but are also stylish enough fit well on a show car.  Each kit is offered in two types of construction, strong grade (SG) and high grade (HG).  Both the SG and HG types are made from FRP material.  We’ve been in contact with Kuhl Racing since our return from Japan, and we are excited to announce that Royal Speed Shop will be the U.S. dealer for Kuhl Racing body kits and Verz wheels.  Please email for any inquiries.


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