Greddy Gives The 370Z More Exhaust Options




It’s crazy to think that the Nissan 370Z has been in production for almost a decade.  Despite the lifespan of this model, the aftermarket support is still rather limited.  When people ask, “what exhaust should I put on my Z?”, we see the same replies.  While there are a few solid candidates, the community is usually divided between the Tomei Expreme Ti and the Motordyne Shockwave.  Now, Greddy has released 3 new exhausts systems to throw into the fight.

Greddy Evolution GT


The Greddy Evolution GT is the closest comparison to the Motordyne Shockwave exhaust system.  Like the Motordyne Shockwave, the Evolution GT exhaust system uses 2.5″ piping in the Y-Pipe and splits to a dual 3″ rear muffler section.  However, the Greddy exhaust retails at $1,295 compared to Motordyne’s exhaust at $1,979.  The dual 3″ piping increases exhaust flow and gives the Z a nice deep tone.

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Greddy Revolution RS


The Greddy Revolution RS is a single exit exhaust using 2.5″ piping in the Y-Pipe and 3″ piping in the rear muffler section.  This exhaust uses stainless steel piping so it is strong and durable, compared to the titanium counterparts.  This system retails for $795 for a full catback exhaust, Y-Pipe is included!

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Greddy RS Race 


The Greddy RS Race is identical to the Revolution RS, except there is no resonator on the RS Race model.  With no resonator, the RS Race is the highest flowing and the loudest of the bunch.  The RS Race exhaust weighs in at 24.8 lbs., shedding almost 2/3 of the factory exhaust weight.  This system retails for  only $650.

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Greddy has announced plans to release a titanium version of the single exit RS exhaust, which will be a direct competitor to the Tomei Expreme Ti.  Needless to say, we can’t wait to get our hands on that system.


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